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Between the two branches of Lake Como…

Lariofiere is a well-structured and flexible structure, well rooted in an area full of potential and initiatives.

At the center of a territory characterized by a strong entrepreneurial inclination, Lariofiere is focused on a market extended to all the provinces of Como, Lecco, Monza and Brianza, Milan, Varese, Bergamo and Sondrio. A productive fabric that boasts the presence of around 400.000 companies, almost 20% of the national total, for an average of 31 active companies per square kilometer of territorial surface, and which can be proud of a very high level of employment.

The textile vocation of Como, the mechanical industries of Lecco, the furniture culture of Cantù, the entrepreneurial liveliness of the whole of Brianza and the hinterland of Milan constitute an excellent basis for developing the trade fair activity..

With its 5.000.000 inhabitants concentrated within a radius of just 50 km from the exhibition center, the area is a user base with high potential for exhibitions and events dedicated to the general public.

At the same time, Lariofiere is located in a geographic context with great value for its natural, artistic, historical and tourist heritage, which allows you to combine moments of relaxation with your work commitments, choosing from a wide range of leisure and entertainment proposals.

The proximity of lakes, mountains and several green areas allows for a pleasant and relaxed stay. The area offers over 250 hotels of different categories able to provide hospitality and services in all periods of the year.


Among the pre-Alpine reliefs and the plain where are located the lakes of Alserio and Pusiano there is Erba, a town full of villas, among which stands out Villa Amalia, which was built in 1488 on the site of an ancient convent and was later transformed in 1799 by one of the gratest neoclassical architects…


Lake Como is one of the most beautiful areas in Lombardy. It enthusiastically welcomes all guests who intend to spend a pleasant holiday. These places express a great harmony of colors in which the blue of the lakes and the green of the woods prevail…


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