Lariofiere Digital

Recording and digital broadcasting room

New integrated service for webinars, videoconferences, webmeeting and digital classrooms

Lariofiere, aligning its offer to the new needs of the market, provides companies, associations and professionals with an integrated service, including spaces, hardware and software equipment, specialized technical assistance for the realization of webinars, videoconferences, webmeeting and virtual classrooms.


Lariofiere has a strategic geographical position halfway between the cities of Como and Lecco. The building also has a large free parking area.


Inside Lariofiere a large room has been equipped and is available to customers, with the latest generation equipment.


The room is equipped with all the facilities that make it safe and compliant with the provisions for the protection of public health and safety.

The Room

The room, served by high-speed fiber connectivity and equipped with the latest generation technologies and equipment for video shooting, live broadcasting, editing and online events, is the ideal solution to professionally organize webinars and other digital events.

The service offered by Lariofiere includes, in addition to the rental of the room and equipment, a technical staff for the preparation of the set, directing, filming and broadcasting and specialist support for communication and promotion of digital events.

Technical Equipment


  • Up to 6 speaker positions


  • 2x Panasonic PTZ Full HD Camera with 30X optical zoom
  • 1x Remote controller for live cameras management
  • 1x Multi-source Blackmagic video direction
  • Possibility, by the speakers, to broadcast live audio/video contents


  • 2x Oktava panoramic condenser matched microphone


  • 4x LED diffuser lights with color temperature and brightness


  • Use of the Zoom Webinars application for a simple but complete user experience
  • Real time interaction through chat, Q&A and live talk
  • Facebook and YouTube live streaming

Tailor-Made Offer

Additional services such as event registration, post-event management, customization of the participant registration page, live streaming on YouTube and Facebook can be quantified separately, based on the needs of the individual customer.

Support services for media planning, press office, personalized social campaign development, event promotion, registration secretariat and catering service for the speakers are also available on request.

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