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Lariofiere Exhibition and Convention Center

Lariofiere is a versatile venue and a well-known exhibition centre. A perfect meeting point for companies and the public. A qualified showcase for launching and marketing products. Venue of congresses, concerts, sporting events as well as social and cultural events.

A well-organized and flexible structure, well-rooted in a region full of potentialities and initiatives.

As event organizer, Lariofiere deals with the planning, realization and promotion of trade fairs, both inside and outside of its headquarter. In the latter case, it operates mainly on behalf of its Partners or other institutional subjects and Associations.

Lariofiere is a professional and competent event organizer also for third parties.
Many years of experience in organizing events, the technical equipment available and a specialized staff guarantee for the reliability and competence of the offered service, even for large and complex events, both inside or outside the headquarter. Lariofiere also has a reliable, flexible and extremely helpful assistance staff to respond promptly to any organizational need.

For the event organizer activity, Lariofiere has human resources specialized in marketing, commercial, technical and administrative areas who contribute to the planning and development of both business to business and consumer-oriented events.

The events calendar proposes Ristorexpo, a trade fair dedicated to professional HORECA service, that is one of the most qualified and best structured national appointments of its kind. MECI, civil and industrial construction industry exhibition, is a thirty-year event that offers to the main actors in the construction industry an opportunity to discuss important and current issues.

Among the business to business events, the success of Fornitore Offresi deserves a special mention: an innovative trade fair format which represents a very high value opportunity for the entire metalworking sector.

Among the business to consumer events stands out the historic Mostra Artigianato, with over 40 editions, 250 craft companies and 50.000 visitors every year, Agrinatura, a territorial marketing project for the promotion of tourism, nature and typical local products, and Young, the event for school and work orientation dedicated to young people.

Lariofiere is available to event organizers who want to schedule trade fairs within the exhibition center.

In recent years Lariofiere hosted several events and trade fairs such as Como Casa Clima, powered by Klimahouse; Viva gli Sposi, event dedicated to marriage, civil unions, events and all ceremonies; Commercianti per 1 giorno, a exhibition-market that gives all private individuals the opportunity to rent a stand and sell or exchange dusty objects from cellars and attics; Esposizione Internazionale Canina, organized by Gruppo Cinofilo Comasco; FIM Fiera, the international music fair; AutoMotorShow, cars exhibition; and so on.

Lariofiere has developed important projects, among which we can mention the setting up and organization of Tessere il Futuro, a project by the Lecco Chamber of Commerce, and the Convention of the Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad. A special mention should be reserved to Interboot – boat show in Friedrichshafen – on behalf of the Como Chamber of Commerce, the Craft Exhibition in Munich, on behalf of the Regione Lombardia, Expo dei Sapori, on behalf of the Como Chamber of Commerce, and BIT, for the Province of Como.

The set-up activity outside the Exhibition Center is very dynamic too: Lariofiere is often contacted by associations, institutions or private companies to create or supply set-ups for special events. In other cases, Lariofiere was engaged in the organization of events of different nature in collaboration or on behalf of other non-institutional subjects. This area has strong growth potential for the future.



Lariofiere Technical Office is able to create customized set-ups and scenographies for events both within the Exhibition Center and in external areas, also with in-house materials.


Lariofiere Marketing Office is able to provide advice and assistance on the most advanced means of communication and intervention strategies. It is able to provide personalized advertising campaigns and manage their decelopment and control.

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